Full Upper and Full Lower Dentures

Entry level Blueline dentures prices from $2,200

Premium level Phonares dentures prices from $2,950

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When we provide full denture treatment to our patients, we usually take at least 5 appointments:

  1. (1)1st impression: it gives a general shape of your mouth.

  2. (2) 2nd impression: a very accurate impression to form the foundation to build your dentures.

  3. (3)Wax block: It will be the guide to set up the teeth.

  4. (4)try wax denture in: It is a good time to see the look and you will be able to feel how the wax denture is working.

  5. (5)Denture complete: You can confidently wear your new dentures.

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Full Upper or Full Lower Single Dentures

Entry level single denture prices from $1,800

Premium level single denture prices from $2,500